Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my brand of determination

tends to take me down long, winding, troublesome paths. sometimes, those paths lead me to destruction (and/or diarrhea).
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today, i was determined to find a snack. something not too expensive and not too fattening, but sweet, to cap off an uninspiring lunch of leftover pasta and- wait for it- ragu sauce. yeah, like the mega bottle of sauce that your mom used to buy at costco if she was less-than-well-off, had four kids, and didn't particularly like to cook, like mine. :)

anyway. i walked into the duane reade on 34th street today looking for a satisfying treat. often, when i start on these treat escapades, i end up buying something random just because i get tired of looking. today was no exception to that rule. what was the last treat to cross my path before my determination became exasperation, you ask? tasty kake "sugarfree sensables." i picked up the chocolatiest ones i could find and headed for the register.

while i stood in line, i decided to read up more on my "tasty" treat so i could more effectively congratulate myself on the sensible purchase. some of the stats:

1) only 100 calories per snack! (this is good)
2) only (as snack cakes go) 12% of my recommended daily value of fat! (this is good)

good so far, yes? i thought so too! then i saw this, in bold, capital letters waaay down at the bottom above the "TastyKake Guarantee":


(this is not good)

(why me?)

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