Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"bringing back" paddling sounds like a bad idea,


but i guess a school district in georgia disagrees. little did i know, georgia school districts actually get to decide whether or not they want to use corporal punishment! also, only 28 states actually have a ban on corporal punishment in schools? really? wow...

this is problematic:
"The Twiggs County school board reinstated its corporal punishment policy this summer to allow students to be spanked to curb misbehavior...Twiggs parents will have to sign a permission slip for their child to be paddled by an administrator, and witnesses will have to be in the room. There also will be a meeting to inform parents of the changes."

hmm. it would seem to me that, as an administrator, i would be somewhat fearful for my life if i went around spanking people in the regular course of my days. what happens when not all parents sign the slip? what happens when a middle or high school student decides spanking isn't for him/her and decides to hook themselves up with a gun?

there are some things about this country that i just can't understand.

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