Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i wanted to post today

because i checked my sitemeter and feedburner and see that there are still people visiting, but i'm having a lot of trouble finding inspiration. maybe it's because i am, yet again, approaching between-two-jobs limbo, on my way back into the classroom, this time in a charter school setting, helping to found the kind of school (i hope) i'd like to start. maybe it's because my mother, while she's on the mend, is far from out of the woods, and it worries me more than i like to admit. maybe it's because i feel selfish as the child that insists on far-away-cross-country independence from her family, even during trying times like these. maybe it's because i can't figure out how to run the a/c in my room at night without getting sick, which means i am getting (almost) no sleep. maybe it's because i can't wait for the raise and expanded sense of security the new job will bring. maybe it's because i wouldn't mind a new boyfriend, as in someone i actually like beyond drinks-after-work, hookups-on-friday-nights, text-messages-when-we're-bored (as cute and funny as the current men in those slots might be).

i don't really know why it is. i'm still reading and writing and thinking and planning. it's just that none of it makes it to this text box.

oh well.

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