Wednesday, May 21, 2008

where the hell have i been?

to tell you the truth, i've been a lot of places.

for one, i've been at the gym a WHOLE lot. the cutest boy is there when i am now. and at the laundromat when i go on sundays. and suspiciously walking his (VERY CUTE) dog on my corner when i'm on my way to work. go figure :p.

for two, i've actually been doing my work? i've realized that the fact that i'm quitting in two months means that if i don't want to fuck the over whoever comes after me, i should wrap up all of my loose ends.

for three, i've actually been cooking. like breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week (and even dessert sometimes. michelle's blondie recipe, halved, makes perfect dessert for two with some left over for snacks for a few days, if you're interested). it has been a minute since i went out to eat, and my bank account has quite a bit to show for it :).

for four, my extracurricular life has gotten busier, with a new project on deck for the summer. again, social justice related, but this time with a focus on mainstream media. fun, but SO MUCH WORK.

for five, my brother graduated from grad school this weekend and will be attending georgetown law this fall! i went home to vegas to celebrate with him and the fam. jon is a nice boy, or an "IBM" as sanaa lathan might say :) (yes, i finally watched something new and i have yet to rinse the bad taste out of my mouth).

and don't worry, my google reader hasn't been getting any more love than flying solo has, so i'm behind all over the place. i will be back...

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