Thursday, May 22, 2008

the to-see list

i'm finally starting to get my love of movies back. it's one of the things i lost in the ex-aftermath, and the loss itself has kinda baffled me. i used to love seeing movies, alone or otherwise, and something about always having to go alone to slightly weird indie movies just never really put a smile on my single face. anyway. i'm back! and have a desire to see one (or five) movies that are out right now-->
  1. the visitor's trailer is REALLY CHEESY, but somehow i still think it's worth going to see. i just hope i won't come out with a weird need to play a djembe with an old white man.
  2. the edge of heaven just got a great review in new york magazine. so shoot me.
  3. indiana jones features one of my many boyfriends, shia labeouf. and yes, we have been together since even stevens ;).
  4. iron man. because i have to see it, right?
  5. and a jihad for love because my job deals quite a bit with islam, and i find myself wanting to learn more and more to counteract my previously deep ignorance of the religion and the culture that comes with it.

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