Friday, February 22, 2008

barack the vote

i'm up to go to the gym. yes, i know it's 5 a.m., but i had to get up and erase some drunken posts (appletinis are $5 until 9 on weekdays at moca, AND they have the best chicken tenders EVER) about obama and my ex and haters and cake (wtf, right?!) from last night. god, i'm a weirdo sometimes.

anyway, i went to a debate-watching party last night and i left the party, fell asleep, and woke up this morning feeling really pessimistic. i don't know what the root of my pessimism is, so i'm going to try to figure it out here.

things i know:
  • i love barack obama. i like his presence, i like his position papers on his website (well enough), i like his wife (and want to be her one day).
  • i trust michelle more than i trust barry. i think this comes from my general distrust of men? and i think it's weird that it carries over into politics. but then the personal is political, right?
  • i don't trust america. i don't trust this nation to elect the right candidate for the right reasons.
  • i don't trust politicians. i feel that there is always spin, and i hate spin. i like straight talk. i am pretty straightforward in my life, which sometimes doesn't serve me too well, and i think that's why i like michelle. she seems to be about straight talk, even when people don't want to hear what she has to say.
  • i know that my viewpoints are way too far left to be represented by an "electable" candidate in this country.
all that being said, why can't i let go of this negativity? maybe i just want more, like kameelah does. or maybe i wish i could have real hope. i dunno. off to the gym to try to shake it off.

random side note: why did i see one of lisa turtle's old outfits at H&M on wednesday? crazy!

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