Friday, February 8, 2008

is anyone else feeling a little uncomfortable?

there's something about the way that barack is currently being presented in the press that bothers me.

an article from today's front page of

Obama Outshines Clinton’s Success at Raising Funds

After the Clinton campaign said that it had raised $7.5 million online this month, the Obama campaign that it had raised the same amount in 36 hours.

okay, okay, why am i hating, you ask?

well, for one, there's a typo in the blurb. they forgot the word "said." i've been known to publish a few typos in my day, but i'm not the new york times, goshdarnit!

for two (is that how you follow up to the phrase "for one"?) , i don't like the way this is being spun. i don't know who's spinning it, though i am pretty sure barack's campaign is at least partially responsible. this dirty, competitive, one-up-driven typical politics stuff is exactly what i thought i wasn't going to get from mr. barack obama, and what i'm tired of getting from our biased, somewhat ridiculous national press machine.

i thought this campaign was going to be about change. i thought we were hoping for unity. what i didn't think the campaign about was petty schoolyard bullshit about who was picked first for the softball team.

now i know that it's not really that drastic. and i know the press is pitting the two against each other in hopes that people will do what i have done and get other people to click through to their sites. i know. and i know that if obama didn't toot his own horn, the media would continue to spin the news in the direction of their own endorsed candidates, trying to change the minds of americans in a not-so-subtle, completely dishonest way, without any ability for the campaign to get the truth out there.

i guess i just wish american politics could be more about the issues and not all about the benjamins. i wish being a viable candidate for president didn't necessitate being a multimillionaire. i wish our individual votes counted for more, and were counted more accurately. i wish i really believed that the quality of my life, and the quality of life of people that look like me all over the globe, would actually be positively affected by anyone that could actually be elected to the presidency of our country. i wish my hope weren't so shallow and short-reaching. in short, i wish the world were a completely different place.

that's not happening anytime soon.

so in the meantime, i do what i can. and so does barack. and i settle for what i can have right now.

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