Monday, January 21, 2008

get your game up

just spent 15 minutes on the bus listening to a man bullshit his girlfriend over the phone. i mean, WOW.

not only did dude screw up his story over and over again ("I'm walking to the train station over here in Brooklyn...what's that sound? Oh yeah, did I say I was walking? Oh, my bad, I'm on the bus, baby!"), he was also trying to get at me in the process! dude, i know you're lying to another woman RIGHT NOW. and badly, to boot! no, i'm not gonna give you my fucking number. and you're the second dude i've met this weekend wearing british knights (yes, readers, by british knights i mean british knights).

if i thought i could have jumped off the bus fast enough to get away without any possible injury i would have blown his story up, but i'm just not that nimble. oh well.

interview for being a fellow advisor is coming up soon. keep the digits crossed!

i'll leave you with an ode to footwear:


nsekuye said...

hahahahahaha. you really took it to the bk video. wow.

havestrength said...

i actually need to stop talking shit about the BKs, cuz they aren't actually that ugly. they probably coming back as i type this, and the joke will eventually be on me when the hipsters in billyburg start paying hundreds of dollars per pair.

*sigh* that would be just sooo typical.