Monday, January 21, 2008

soooo in love with the new layout

i don't quite know what to do with myself :).

first off, a conversation had with my parents (and particularly my mother) over breakfast one day during the winter vacation got me thinking about the importance of memory and of truth. my siblings and i are fortunate enough to be one generation after the civil rights era, and hearing my mother's own truth, one that is absolutely shaped by her location as an african-american and a woman born into the sixties, is always a wake up call. to really understand the ways in which she and my father suffered to make our my reality one in which the horrors that they witnessed are almost unbelievable is to be deeply, almost painfully humbled.

humility is where i start today.

BAM started their ticket giveaway this morning at 8:30 or something similarly as crazy, so i won't be there this morning after all. i'll be sitting at my desk working feverishly away on this hip-hop curriculum i'm writing, hoping that what i'm doing helps, in its own little way, to further the dream.


B! said...

I LOVE it!!!! Very pretty.

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