Thursday, October 4, 2007

yay hung!

weird title for my first post-move post, i know, but the top chef finale last night made me smile. go hung. you may be an uptight craphead a lot of the time, but boy, you are of-color, and you won a white people's competition. i'm not mad at you. (i considered writing i ain't mad atcha there, but, well, i would never really say that. god, i'm a loser.)

things are good, just like i thought they would be. i figured out an internet problem in the new apt today when i woke up with a weird moment of clarity-- just plug your router into the cable modem too, joy! and poof, i have internet. now if only getting her big ass loft bed out of my room were that easy. maybe that will be my moment of clarity tomorrow morning.

funny aside- my mother got angry with me yesterday for catching an attitude with her over the phone, and she actually threatened to get on a plane from las vegas to come put me in my place. i was in the shower as she was calling, so didn't see the phone lighting up, and when i came out there were five voicemails, each one just one mom-ism long:
  • "i don't know WHO you think you're talking to!"
  • "you betta ASK somebody!" ("ask" pronounced "ax," of course, because she was pissed- my mother only goes opa-locka on people for laughs or in fits of extreme anger)**
  • "if you don't answer this phone, you WILL be sorry!"
it's been a good 10 years since i last heard these phrases in relation to myself, and, while it's not nice to laugh at other people's emotions, i am kind of excited about the prospect of using the phrases with my own children one day. :) funny, funny.

**also, can i just say that reading that wikipedia article is the first time i've ever heard that opa-locka is one of the most dangerous places in the united states? i lived right outside opa-locka my whole life and my grandfather was the mayor there once upon a time, and my whole family lives there. i've never felt as if i was in danger in opa-locka. weird.

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