Thursday, October 4, 2007

my work environment

today, my job required that i sit in a school auditorium listening to parliament and sly and the family stone for hours on end while talking about multicultural education. when i got back to the office, a few things stood out to my oh-so-relaxed mind:
  • the administrative assistant uses copies of the derrida reader and infinite jest to prop up her computer monitor.
  • someone is always playing spoon.
  • my boss came by to tell me that she bought new makeup for her son's wedding this weekend, but that she's still looking for appropriate underwear (i didn't ask, and neither should you).
  • i spend just as much time making tea and laughing my ass off as i do feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed-out. healthy? maybe not. entertaining? most definitely.
  • working with a wanna-be improv comedian and an ex-stand up comedian can be good...and bad. eventually, forcing laughs becomes physically painful.
  • everybody here is too liberal to watch crappy reality tv, so there's never anyone to gossip with about top chef, ANTM, or the latest VH1 crappy "love" show. i leave that to you, my dear blog!
i'm neither making tea nor laughing my ass off, so i should technically be working. boo.

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