Friday, October 19, 2007

growing up sucks

i am on the first of four business trips that will be happening in the next two weeks, and i am feeling the burn of this whole "grown-up" thing. it's 5 am pacific time and i'm reviewing project materials and waiting impatiently for my room service to arrive (which it won't for another 2 hours because i for some reason thought i'd be able to sleep until 7).

i'm hungry, on the wrong time, and not excited about my presentation at all. everyone else came to this conference with 5-6 of their colleagues, and i'm here solo, with two wonderful hyatt regency beds (REALLY COMFY, by the way), endlessly tweaking my powerpoint presentation and studying for the GRE. not cool.

if this is what a quarter century looks like, i guess i'm ready, i just wish i were making more ;).

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