Sunday, February 25, 2007


if i was going to break up with him, this morning was the moment. come this afternoon, i was back in his arms, smiling and laughing, feeling on top of the world because the email i thought he sent to her talking about me was from her to him, and he didnt answer it. and he didnt call her. and she google chatted him and he made her wait. he made her wait until we were done, 'til he said goodbye to me, 'til he burned my cd, 'til he showed me he loved me. 7 days together. all wonderful. if only, if only, things were different, and he was in a different place, and i weren't leaving, and he had a little more space from her. if only.

i'm glad we took the trip. it reaffirmed my belief in our ability to be wonderful together. we can be wonderful together. it will just take time.

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