Saturday, February 5, 2011

things still aren't quite flowing...

so here's an old love poem i ran across in my google docs. the person this is about is long out of my life and my heart, but it's one of the few poems i've written that i can read without wincing (not quite true, but still).


missing you

missing you is like a phantom limb,
the spot in my chest where my love for you resided

aches on rainy days
wakes me up on muggy nights
catches me in the middle of sentences and meetings, unawares.

missing you is like my toothache
it comes and goes
a dull pain i'm not sure how to get rid of

i know it will go away
i know.
i just wish there were a way to replay
the sweet beginnings,
the before instead of the after,
i wish there were a way to dwell in the sweet nights
and the early mornings,
the light instead of the dark.

the future won't return you to me, i know.
so dwelling on the past, which held such promise, will have to be enough.

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