Sunday, February 6, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

i've been reading bianca for years now (since 2005, in fact) and her beauty as well as her eye for it never cease to amaze me. she is, as always, way cooler than me, and therefore has a tumblr that you should REALLY check out. suenos.

mmm. my name is joy. and i fancy myself a baker. so when i want to bake or cook or just luxuriate in something, i often go looking for joy the baker. some of my faves:
vegan pumpkin walnut bread (two loaves ready to go in the fridge RIGHT NOW)
whole wheat choc chip cookies
ginger chocolate chip cookies

and sometimes i go to joy for a good soup:
ginger lentil
kale and sweet potato

deb at smitten kitchen makes my savory life worth living in all sorts of ways.

whenever i'm looking for something soupy, shutterbean makes me smile.

and when i just want inspiration, this joy+ride is a pretty awesome solution.

and then, when i want to dream about that idyllic summer day when i have nothing to do, noone to call and nothing to say except quiet murmurs shared with the friends i care for the most, i let my mind drift to the poet's loft. can't wait.

this is what i do when i can't work an ounce more and i don't give a crap about the superbowl. go figure.

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