Tuesday, August 26, 2008


again, a new classroom.
again, a new place to live.
again, a new roommate (though this one is also an old roommate- yay!).
again, a new boy.
again, new beginnings.
again, this unsettling apprehension/excitement for things to come.

it's the beginning of the school year, folks! and i'm not ready...

i've taken a long hiatus. it's been interesting to sit with all of my thoughts instead of typing up half of them to share with the world. august, well, all of this summer, really, has been a hectic haze. lots of running around, worrying and stressing, not nearly enough fun. but all the people in my life who faced health challenges are very much on the mend (melissa can even eat tomatoes! no other fruits, but tomatoes are a start!), i finally found a place to lay my head for (hopefully) more than a year (and it has a backyard!), and after a very busy dating season i think i'm settling into something more promising. phew. now all i have to do is pack and move, and get used to teacher hours (24/7) again.

here we go.


ahnkabee said...

hope it's all been lovely :)

michelle @ thursday night smackdown said...

heather and i were just wondering how you were, during a lunchtime field trip to the west village for cupcakes yesterday. because you are strongly correlated with "cupcake" in my mind.