Friday, June 27, 2008

this is important

and i am, again, asking you to pray if that's a practice you keep.

this week has been a bit catastrophic, and at press time both my mother and my roommate are in the hospital. my mother's shattered knee is nothing to sneeze at, and i appreciate any prayers you will offer up for her expedited recovery, but i'm looking more for prayer for my roommate.

she's on a respirator. again. and has been in the hospital since tuesday after having an allergic reaction to a pear. i'm concerned about her. there are tears in my eyes as i type this.

a few words of blessing would be sufficient. her name's melissa, if you think that will help your god locate her spirit.

thanks. it's hot out there, no?


B! said...

hey joy.
hoping your mother & melissa are regaining their strength.

havestrength said...

thanks for the well wishes, b. both ladies are on the mend, though the journey is going to be a long one...