Thursday, May 29, 2008

as soon as i decide i have nothing to say

i have too much to say.

anyway, just a funny coincidence- today, after writing that totally gushy post about ta-nehisi coates' book a few days ago, i realized that dude is my neighbor! we work out at the gym at the same time every morning. :) today i saw him at the check-out desk, and everything clicked.

harlem is so very small sometimes.

the other thing i found myself doing today at the gym is wondering whether or not people can tell what my gym jam is just by reading my lips. because ta-nehisi demonstrated his formidable grasp on hip-hop during the reading, i figure whatever he calmly bops his head to as he jogs is impressive. i started to wonder if he can tell that i, 9 times out of 10, am "ellipting" (that's my word for what i do on the elliptical machine, btw) to "what have you done for me lately" by janet jackson. and i wonder if he thinks i'm less cool as a result.

i guess i'll just have to keep wondering on that one :).

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