Monday, May 26, 2008

and i still haven't found what i'm looking for

i am losing interest in blogging, my friends. i am determined to enjoy this spring/summer/fall because last year's were so miserable, and that means spending lots of time outside and very little in. it means walking the streets of central harlem that i love, finding new community gardens, meeting new people, and greeting dogs and babies and toddlers and stray cats. it means drinking wine out of a water bottle with my friend in marcus garvey park. it means drinking tea at the harlem tea room. it means spending time at the gym and then walking down to the harlem meer to work out some more. it means wearing a bikini under my clothes because i look GOOD and i feel GOOD and i'm floridian, which means i can wear a bikini WHENEVER i want with no shame :).

we will see what i have to offer later on. maybe i'll start to pay more attention. but i may not. i may just comb my afro out and walk around happy as a lark because it's almost summer in the city.


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