Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"teach me how to live!"

~quote from neighboring feist concertgoer to me, post-show. my brother thinks it was the afro that made me her role model. :)

yeah, so the feist concert tonight at the hammerstein was pretty amazing. pre-tty great. she has a puppeteer! and she sang all the right ones- "so sorry," "brandy alexander," "my moon my man," "sealion woman," "1 2 3 4," "i feel it all"...the list goes on. my brother asked me if feist is "indie rock" and i had to admit that i have no freaking idea what her genre is called, but that all i know is that she is good. period. so here is "so sorry," one of my fave feist songs for you:

the camera work is not the best on the video, but it's ohsoclose to the actual performance i saw tonight that i can't post another. oh, also, she maybe-sorta-kinda suggested that stephen colbert should be our next president. that was good :).

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