Wednesday, April 9, 2008


random note: i don't know if this is happening to you, but a weird pop-down menu greets me when i come to my own blog, asking if i have a password. i don't know what the fuck that is. i am sorry if you're experiencing it as well. if you're not, i am worried about the state of my sorry computer...

also, this is not turning out to be the best week ever. fuck it all, vh1, why can't you leave a little "best"-ness for the rest of us? having a lot of drama at work, created a little personal drama for myself by pressing the wrong button on my cellphone (numerous times) tonight, and am looking at even more drama presenting itself in the office tomorrow. at least i have good friends (new and old) to help me figure it all out (and/or to listen to me babble nonsensically and offer necessarily nonsensical advice).

it's only tuesday.

bring it on, week! i think i'm ready.


kameelah said...

good luck! it asked me for a password also so i think it is a blogger server issue, not your computer. i hope the week improves--it's been a rough week for me too.

send you positive vibes,

kameelah said...

and you should also check this out

havestrength said...

thanks for the positive words. good vibes to you too this week- i see things have been tough around your way as well.

i have checked out atthekitchentable, and those ladies are wonderful. i've met ebony a few times now and she's freaking brilliant. i never feel i really have time to write though. :(

i'll stop rambling now :).