Thursday, April 17, 2008

it was like i never left

it has been another busy day, and it continues, but i have to quickly take a moment to thank whoever it is that puts us on this earth for allowing me to find my calling in the classroom. i saw my children today and it was like i never left. i sometimes have to remind myself that some of the most profound connections i have had with people were found in a classroom, and that there are very few things that mean more to me than my children. sometimes i forget what it means to love them, and how it feels to receive that love in return, and what my purpose in life is. i forget, but then i see terrell and ruthie and navaskia and the kevins and cliffannie and alexis and they ask me to return, to come to their houses, to hear about their mom and how she lost her job or how grandma is sick and i remember that my calling is to serve them. and i realize that returning to the classroom next year is absolutely the right decision. slowly but surely it all becomes clear.


Brynne said...

Hi lady!
So you are teaching again next year? Where?

I am too! I am going to teach 7th grade Latin American history at a private school here in Managua. I'm already teaching, but I'm going to a different school for the next school year.

havestrength said...

i am teaching at a charter school here in the fall- it's going to be a LOT of work...

i am soooo excited that you're a teacher now! when i see you again we can compare kiddy notes. i hope nica is great.