Saturday, March 1, 2008

spring fling

i am interested in someone new, and i can't believe how strange it is. you know, to actually consider someone potentially trustworthy enough to have doings with my heart. you, my dear readers, probably know more about the depth of my heartache post-my last relationship than i do, and, if you recall, a heartbroken havestrength isn't much of a havestrength at all.
(more after the link)

this new person, though, feels good. and gentle. and kind. and smart. but not so good, gentle, or kind that he doesn't challenge me. i bullshitted my way into a corner tonight, and am now going to have to prove my way out of it with facts. bo-ring, right? but no, not really. there's a lot about him that makes sense, but that doesn't change the fact that i'm scared, and probably will be for awhile. in the meantime i will try to have some fun.

i'm headed to the apollo tomorrow morning, so i need to get to bed. g'night. :)


kameelah said...

awesome! :) good luck with the new guy!!

B! said...

I'm sure you'll find your way out of that corner. And yes, have fun!

*you've inspired me to figure out how to do that post-cut thing. makes things much neater.

havestrength said...

thanks, ladies. :)

also, b, you're welcome. it is much nicer not to have everything on the page, right?