Friday, March 14, 2008

a damn shame

have you heard about this? an entire school district is on the verge of losing its accreditation? is anyone surprised that the district is "predominantly black"?

choice quotes-
"For the county's nearly 53,000 public school students, loss of accreditation would mean they would not be eligible for state scholarships or be accepted at many universities. They also would have difficulty transferring to other high schools."

"According to the report, Clayton County Public Schools' nine-member school board is so "dysfunctional" that it has had difficulty recruiting a superintendent, teachers and bus drivers. It accuses board members of nepotism, conflicts of interest, micromanagement, lax fiscal responsibility and failure to audit school attendance."

so nine people can take away 53,000 black students' chances at higher education, but we don't hear about it in the nightly news. we don't read about it on blogs. it's tucked away in the LA Times Education section and swept away in the midst of election frenzy. if this country were to do right, these would be front-page stories.

and geraldine ferraro refuses to be sorry for suggesting that barack obama is lucky to be a black man.

does anyone want to go start a quilombo with me? anyone?


Sunshine Abby said...

That is terrible.
There's this article I read about the most "violent" schools in America aren't really the worst. They're just the only ones who report it.

Sounds familiar to what your talking about.

B! said...

Thank you, Joy, for bringing this to my attention.

I'm at a loss for words right now. How many other school districts (is. hundreds of thousands of children, who will most likely be non-white) are on the brink of being dismissed due to their INCREDIBLY pitiful higher-ups?