Sunday, February 3, 2008

naked dudes making jokes, pushups

so i went to a naked comedy show last night. notable moments:
  1. when the kinda funny-looking dude in the picture made about 50 tiny penis jokes. the jokes brought on chuckles, nausea and pity. his penis is tiny. and he knows it. and then he did a yoga handstand and opened his legs, and my eyes began to ache.
  2. when the nerdy black dude on stage third started to seem a lot like my ex, except with ugly glasses and a need for a razor around the special parts. and then he made a joke about "uppity" homeless people who "have more friends that he does on myspace," and my eyes again began to ache.*
  3. most notably, perhaps, when i noticed the hot dude with really nice locks working the front desk for whom i later, somewhat sillily (is that a word?), left a message on the p.i.t. answering machine. my eyes are still aching from that one.
as for the second part of the title, it simply refers to my new fave exercise! pushups make me feel powerful. the end. :)

*note: i get the sense that the joke was based on actual lived experience, which makes the whole situation almost sadder than the tiny penis...

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