Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my pessimism is being conquered...slowly, slowly

h/t to grassroots mom @ daily kos for this carefully researched post. granted, i am lazy and could have done this research myself, but it is nice to encounter an obama supporter who has the time and the energy to show us all the truth of the absolute importance of obama winning the democratic nomination.

over the last few weeks i'd gotten past my initial obama-love and started to worry about what happens after he wins the nomination. what happens when something goes wrong, and this groundswell of supportive americans has to look past what is so often referenced as being his strength, his "charisma," and have to begin to deal with barack obama as a person? a fallible human being? i'm a bit timid at heart, and these risks always scare me. i'm worried for him.

i realize now that i have to rely on him, and me, and us, to take some time to educate ourselves on the issues and be prepared to work with and for our country.

grassroots mom's post "i refuse to buy into the obama hype" helped me get there. it's long, but really informative. readup!

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