Monday, January 14, 2008

what i'm doing at work today

working on my book wishlist for the new year. here's a taste:

  1. the best american nonrequired reading, 2007. (ed. by eggers)
  2. the book of other people (ed. by ZADIE!)
  3. ake: the years of childhood (soyinka)
  4. but some of us are brave (ed. by hull)
  5. a poem traveled down my arm (walker)
  6. in search of our mother's gardens (walker)
  7. scattered hegemonies: postmodernity and transnational feminist practice (ed. by grewal and kaplan)
  8. decentering the center: philosophy for a multicultural, postcolonial, and feminist world (ed. by narayan and harding)
  9. feminism without borders: decolonizing theory, practicing solidarity (mohanty)
  10. third world women and the politics of feminism (mohanty)
  11. wizard of the crow (Wa'Thiong'O)

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