Tuesday, January 29, 2008

things that rock about today

  1. today is the day after the second meeting of my ItAG (and the first that everyone attended). we played games from "games for actors and non-actors," introduced ourselves, and started to get a taste of what we all bring to the super-positive, awesomely radical educators' table. i left at 9:15 feeling radiant and expansive, and exhausted. good talk about good books is like crack to me, without the horrible post-hit crash :).
  2. my promotion (as lukewarm as i felt/feel about it) was announced at work today. it's good to have it finally out in the open. it's also good to have a great officemate to make sense of it all with.
  3. restaurant week dinner at amalia with heather and nicole. FAB! from caldo verde to balsamic-glazed short ribs to warm chocolate cake with vanilla foam and caramel ice cream, fancy dinner was worth every single penny. add the pinot/cabernet/syrah blend to that, and you've got near-perfection. good eats and good conversation-- a great way to end a wonderful 48 hours.

what's up next in this oh-so-blissful week?
i dunno. but having to decide between this many awesome choices is priceless.


B! said...

It hurts my heart that I cannot go to the Adichie/Komunyakaa/Troupe reading tonight (that's like a little fabulous author heaven for me). I'm even bummed that I still haven't used my New School alumni ID for anything yet. Enjoy.

It sounds like everything's on the up & up for you and that's great! Congrats!

havestrength said...

thanks! i am feeling great lately. there's something about starting a new year, you know?

i hope things are well with you too, b. :)