Sunday, January 20, 2008

favorite new feel-good show

how to look good naked, on lifetime!

when the guest today said, "i am going to try to love all of myself, as i am," i realized that there is nothing i like more than carson's new idea for a fashion show that guides women to a new sense of self-perception. it's not your usual makeover show- the women are not put through major workout regimen or given tips for hiding their rolls, nor are their senses of style dismissed. he helps them see themselves differently by looking at themselves from a different perspective. then he buys them a sexy outfit or two and challenges them to do a tastefully nude photoshoot. as usual, joy finds herself crying more often than not. :)

this is SO much better than queer eye!

oh, p.s.: yaya's got a job! go yaya, lifetime needs you. and raven symone. and queen latifah. and tamera mowry?


nsekuye said...

love the new look as well! very pretty. and very impressive. also, did you know yaya was in "take the lead"?

havestrength said...

thanks! i didn't know yaya was in "take the lead," but i did see her at summerstage last summer with her man and i felt like i had seen her somewhere else.

she's not doing too badly for herself-- the whole garnier commercials with the weave thing is nice too.