Monday, January 28, 2008

cool video TOTES ripped from gawker

  1. daniel day lewis' tear-jerking dedication of his SAG best actor award to heath ledger:

  1. "the root" is apparently a site connected to both the washington post and henry louis gates' pbs special, "african american lives 2," that will be airing on PBS in february. if these clips are any indication, i'm probably going to need to invest in the DVDs for my next teaching job:
    don cheadle finds out his ancestors were owned by the chicasaw.
    oh boy, does this make me wonder. there is definitely some choctaw on my dad's side (which is where my family says i get my now-considered-beautiful curls (they were a little late on the memo)), and now don's story is making me think our relationship to my ancestors may not have been what i assumed it was...
    HLG! Research me!

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