Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the sometimes-beauty of my life

so i've been a little concerned about a bill for awhile...one i was bound to receive from a manhattan hospital for a visit i made to their ear clinic. i was told that the visit would cost $150, which isn't horrible, but it's been a little tight in the havestrength world what with my moves and all, so i don't really always have 150 bucks sitting around.

got the bill today, and at first glance things were worse than i thought-- total charges= $700! i'm freaking out, right, and then i check out the total amt to be paid by patient, at the far right (see image below).

.29. 29 cents. that's what my mother calls proof that god exists. it's what i call a reason why i try my best to do good in this world. either way, it put a smile on my face today. someone/fate/karma has given me yet another beautiful birthday present. :)

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