Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i am legend, aka jdo

sooooooooooooo how excited am i that one of my boyfriends, the now beautifully silvered will smith, timed his new movie "i am legend" to come out alongside my 25th birthday?


big willie also coordinated things so that the "i am legend" new york premiere would be happening at madison square garden, which is directly in front of my building of employment. thanks will, sweetheart! one problem- you didn't arrive while i was sitting staring out of my coworker's window at the entrance, you silly goose!

i cannot wait to watch will and his dog kick some zombie ass. now i know will has his flaws, as one of my coworkers so decisively decried his homophobic tendencies back in the day on the fresh prince as well as in bad boys I and II, but you have to hold it down for a black man married to a black woman with black children who is not denzel washington. a man who tried, i think, to push the american public to interrogate the meaning of being a young black male. maybe i'm going too far. maybe i'm remembering it the way i wanted it to be, and not the way it was. but i do heart will smith. i mean, jada even had a mustache for a minute! talk about being open and accepting!

anyone wanna see "i am legend" on sunday?? anyone?


nsekuye said...

oh so now you want to act excited about this movie? i see how it is... i guess i'll see it when i go to tynewick.

havestrength said...

yeah...the hype reached me. and then i found it it was a zombie movie and i almost didn't want to see it again...and then i thought about how cute will is and decided it may be worth a try.

we'll see, i probably won't even actually make it to the theater...