Saturday, December 22, 2007

a funky picture of my jogging outfit= art?

my learning to love you more assignment, #55 "photograph a significant outfit," is apparently quite engaging to some. they originally asked me if it could be included in the LTLYM book, but i didn't get my shit together in time to actually take care of that.
i got an email yesterday about it potentially being included in an art show in california in the coming year-- swanky! i'm thinking i want to do another assignment sometime soon. any ideas?


B! said...

I'm going to do #53 (I think it's #53): give a list of advice to my younger, more insecure self.
I like that one and #10: Make a flier of your day.

havestrength said...

yeah, i've been thinking about the advice list for awhile. good call.