Thursday, December 20, 2007

another nugget of truth from the SBTB camp

SBTB, by the way, stands for "Saved by the Bell," my favorite early morning t.v. fix. I've always been an early morning t.v. watcher-- from "Mork and Mindy" and "Mr. Ed" when I was young, to "Captain Planet" in my adolescence, I've never had qualms about enjoying t.v. from days gone by before the sun rises.
Today's episode of SBTB is about believing in who you are, whether or not the object of your desire appreciates what you have to offer. The student council decides to have a date auction to raise money for cheerleading uniforms, and Lisa tries to change into a nerd to get brainy Brian to like her, while Zach's plus-size date Wendy dumps him- twice- because he is unable to get over himself enough to see her as a person and not a charity case. If only I were so secure in myself and my merits. Finally, of course, and totally unrealistically, Zach asks Wendy to have the last dance with him, and turns down the chance of a dance with the hot model-like blonde. Lisa flips out on Brian after he insults all of her pals, and tears all of the modest aspects of her clothing off in order to become "herself" again. It was Saturday morning t.v., it couldn't turn out too badly, right?
There's also a weird moment when Slater is shadowing Kelly's cheerleading routine and he does the most insane head-toss EVER. classic t.v. moment.
Gotta love TBS.

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