Sunday, November 25, 2007

JT+Seann William Scott+The Rock+Buffy+John Larroquette+Cheri Oteri+Mandy Moore+Bai Ling+the dude with the lisp from Princess Bride= ?

Southland Tales

weird movie. a vision of an apocalyptic near-future, with a revolution run by porn stars and drug dealers. again, i'm going to note that it was a weird movie.

not without its merits, though. the storyline was interesting, if not quite coherent, and the rock actually approached actor status for me, this time. like i almost believed he wasn't dwayne "the rock" johnson for a minute, and that he was really boxer santaros/jericho kane. that there was really a rift in the time-space continuum that opened up the fourth dimension, and through which he traveled to arrive here on earth again, with the same human soul but a different, identical human body. that he and sarah michelle gellar actually make a plausible loving couple (gag).

sunday night at the movies. heave-ho.


nsekuye said...

oh wow. you went to see that?

havestrength said...

yeah it was freaking weird. janeane garofalo also made a really stupid cameo. i think bai ling was my least favorite part, or maybe it was jon lovitz. or maybe it was the music video thing that JT does covered in blood, pouring beer all over himself. not sure. the theater was packed with hipsters, though.