Monday, November 12, 2007

had a good weekend

lots of terry, lots of sonja, lots of laughs. a little weird boy-drama, but mostly all in good fun. had a little party at my spot, and got reeaaallly drunk. :) don't remember a whole lot of it, but i do know that i was in good company.
things are good. i wish i were able to truly say that i've moved on, that my heart is healed, but i can't, and while this weekend proved that, i am definitely surviving/sobreviviendo. (i like the spanish version of the word survive, "sobrevivir," because it sounds like over-living. like you're not just making it, but doing more than you have to.)
work is good...making chocolate pumpkin pie for a party on thursday, and i'm excited about that. it seems strange sometimes-- i'm not always sure that i have a set direction for what i'm doing-- but i do enjoy my coworkers. i enjoy the feeling of learning, and stretching. it's like my brain is getting a long-needed workout. being surrounded by smart, funny, thoughtful, challenging young women is never a bad thing, either.
not sure where/how to end this post. so i'll just say good night.

p.s. how did this season of "curb your enthusiasm" end with larry david and vivica a. fox hooking up? and does john legend have braces? cuz for a minute during his cameo it seemed like maybe that was the case. and really, why, vivica? why?

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