Sunday, October 21, 2007

i just keep going and going...

it's 2 am eastern.

i've been up since 8:40 am eastern. i showered, prettied up, gave a presentation, de-prettied, checked out of a hotel, spent an hour waiting to be shuttled to LAX, got to LAX, left with christina morado, saw her West LA apartment, shuttled back to LAX, flew to Vegas, saw my parents, was shuttled to their home, saw my dog, watched half of ocean's eleven, received a new business suit (laundry!) from my mom, and new perfume (givenchy!) from my brother, and then was shuttled back to the vegas airport. now i wait for the last leg of this seemingly neverending day.

my ass is going to be sick by friday, mark my words.


B! said...

Take those Airborne tablets!

havestrength said...

you right, you right