Friday, March 16, 2007


in my spanish class in 7th grade, we had to give a resumen every friday that we had memorized, covering the events of the week. that shit was HARD, and i was never a public speaker (i'm the kid whose mom forced her to run for treasurer in 4th grade and was then too scared to be able to read her speech out loud). i know that it's 6.20 am, i know that i should be writing vocab quizzes for my class today, BUT i want to talk about my week. so i will. and of course, it's "my week in terms of simon," because, when isn't it?

sunday: chill day, then THE ROOTS and LUPE FIASO at the nokia....AWESOME!
monday: can't remember monday either.
tuesday: he came over. we chilled, watched australia's next top model. i slipped into a major depressive funk, which concerns me. i think i may be on my way to another breakdown, and i can't tell if simon is helping stay out of it, or helping me jump in...
wednesday: 5C happy hour. i guess, according to him, i was drunk, which made me horny, excited and bitchy? i'll admit the horny and excited parts. the bitchy i don't remember but i'm okay with, because he was an ass last week.
thursday: went over to his place to work. he only got one email from his ex. i'm still waiting to hear what his plans are with her for this weekend, because that's OBVIOUSLY going to happen...i'm just hoping he won't do anything stupid.
friday: girls' night out with jaclyn. fun, fun! checking out val's exhibition and then dinner. i'm excited for some one-on-one time with a person that i don't also have sex with. we never fight. :)
saturday: st. paddy's day parade with an old miami pal. we'll see how that goes...

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